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Meet Our Staff

Gordon L. Krause (Founder)

Gordon was the creator of the original "Crow Hunters Page", the first web site on the internet dedicated to crow hunting. A lifelong hunter, he has hunted throughout North America, Europe and Africa for both big game and varmints, and has appeared on TNN's "Remington Country" and in the "American Hunter" magazine. He continues to be an avid crow caller, crow hunter and enthusiastic promoter of the sport.

Doug Wigfield (Co-Founder)

Doug is the owner of CROWMART and was a wildlife biologist in Maryland for 35 years. He is an accomplished crow, deer and turkey hunter and is known as an authority on Sika deer and wild turkey. He has appeared twice on ESPN's Under Wild Skies and in the NRA's American Hunter Magazine. Doug is also a freelance outdoor writer, photographer and seminar speaker.

Bob Aronsohn (Sr. Field Advisor)

A veteran crow hunter and international wingshooter, Bob has spent the better part of his life in pursuit of the crow in North America. His experience and overall knowledge of crow hunting makes him a tremendous asset to the organization. Currently a resident of Hutchinson, Kansas, Bob has recently topped a lifetime total of an unbelievable 150,000 crows shot in 40 seasons.

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Gerald Stewart

Gerald Stewart (Advisor)

The son of world famous "Johnny Stewart", and past president of Johnny Stewart Game Calls, Gerald has made an invaluable contribution to the varmint and crow hunting community. He is currently a nationally known lecturer and demonstrator on the subject of wildlife calling.

Skip Woody

Skip Woody (Advisor)

As a rifleman, Skip holds the NRA classification of Lifetime Master High Power and has represented the US Army in the national matches at Camp Perry. He has trained some of the best marksmen in the Army. A crow hunter since 1956, Skip has become a master of the "Run & Gun" technique and has logged over 60,000 crows taken, 8,000 with a rifle. He is also a veteran winner of many crow calling and shooting contests.

Darrell Gibson

Darrell Gibson (Advisor)

Born and raised in Rutherford County, N.C., Darrell was exposed to crow hunting at an early age by his father. After developing his own style and combination of calling techniques, he became dissatisfied with the quality of crow calls on the market. In 1979 he began the work of developing a better sounding crow call. Since then he has manufactured over 5,000 calls. Darrell is also a professional crow guide and has taken between 10,000 and 15,000 crows.

Kenny King

Kenny King "The Iowa Crow King" (Advisor)

Raised in Iowa, Kenny had early experiences with crow depredation on his fathers farm. He has been an avid crow hunter for over 25 years and was a professional crow guide and outfitter for over 15 years. Now called the "Iowa Crow King", Kenny earned his nickname by guiding hunters in the killing of over 42,000 crows.

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