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About Crow Busters

Popowski"Popowski”, “Adams”, “Mermon”, “Ft. Cobb”. These names herald back to the “Golden Era” of crow hunting in the United States. Back in the 40’s, 50’s and even the 60’s, the sport of crow hunting was at its peak. Considered a villain, a pest, and even a traitor to the war effort, the crow was hunted with wanton abandon, spurred on by an encouraging government and a grateful farming community. And while their equipment was often primitive and ammunition scarce, the serious crow hunters of this age killed the black bandit by the millions. Then things quieted down. Bounties were cancelled, Federal protection appeared, crow hunting books went out of publication, and except for a loyal group of hunters, crow hunting left the limelight and took a back seat to other popular forms of hunting.

But a funny thing has happened over the past decade or two. With Federal protection and ideal breeding conditions, crow populations have steadily increased throughout their range. In some areas they have actually reached epidemic proportions. That has coincided with a renewed interest in varmint hunting, as evidenced by the number of publications and organizations dedicated strictly to varminting. In fact, most mainstream hunting magazines are now including varmint hunting sections as regular part of their line-up.

Crow MagazinesBecause of this, I believe we have entered the second “Golden Era” of crow hunting. Hunters are finding out that there is no other type of varmint hunting that involves so many hunting skills. Camouflage, blinds, calling, decoy placement and wing shooting all need to come together for a successful crow shoot. And best of all, crows are everywhere! With the exception of a few isolated spots, at least a few crows can be found almost anywhere you hunt.

Most importantly, there seems to be a tremendous hunger out there to know more about this underrated sport. Hunters want to do more than just pop an occasional crow while hunting for other game. They are looking to specifically gear up and go afield in pursuit of this often frustrating, but always challenging bird.

That’s why Crow Busters was formed, to provide hunters with the information and resources that they will need to be a more successful crow hunter. It will also put crow hunters in contact with each other so that ideas, techniques and just plain fellowship can be shared. Hunters helping other hunters! That has been and will always be the driving idea behind Crow Busters.

Enjoy and Good Hunting!

Gordon L. Krause

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