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Native Americans Need Crow Feathers!

Crow Busters has been approached by various Native American tribal members requesting donations of crow feathers for various ceremonial outfits. Apparently crow feathers featured prominently in the dress of these early Americans and finding them can be difficult for non-hunters. We whole-heartedly support this use of the leftovers of our sport, so please feel free to donate to any and/or all of the tribes below. If you wish to donate any bird feathers to the reservation, make sure that they are dry (throw a few moth balls in the package if possible).

Note: DO NOT sell any part of a crow to anyone since this may constitute a Federal crime.

"Native American Ceremonial Dress"
Pueblo Tribe

Aaron Gonzales, tribal member of the San Ildefonso Pueblo Indian Reservation, has asked Crow Busters members to donate crow feathers to the tribe for use in making ceremonial outfits used in tribal rituals and dances. The San Ildefonso reservation is located in North Central New Mexico where it is illegal to hunt the common crow or raven. Mr. Gonzales says, "there are a lot of different ways that we can use crow feathers, most of which are sacred to us. We also use many other bird feathers like duck, geese, quail and turkey. We especially need the turkey feathers!".

If you wish to donate any bird feathers to the reservation send them to:

Aaron Gonzales
Rt. 5, Box 304 A
Sante Fe, NM 87501

Pueblo Ceremonial Dress
This head dress is made mostly of duck (wing) feathers and crow (wing and tail) feathers.
All together, over 400 feathers were used.

"Trembling Fan"
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Hello, my name is Bobby Crow Feather, I am writing today to see if you could list me as in need of Crow feathers as well. I am an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and need the feathers to build fans for use in Hand Trembling, an old native tradition / religion.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

Bobby Crow Feather
103 S. Zunis Ave, Apt 4
Tulsa, OK 74104

Hand Trembling Fan


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