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2015 Crowlympics!

The annual Michigan Crowlympics has been conducted for its 31st year. The hunt starts at daybreak and goes until 5:00pm. Teams are limited to 3-people and usually have about 15 teams. Of the 45 or so guys that participate, most have been there from the start many years back. Some even have their sons and grandsons hunting on their teams. At 5:00pm your team must be in the driveway of the host hunting camp. The team captains write down the total for their team and then the winners are read of by the event host. 1st place winners receivethe Gold Cup, next is Silver and then Bronze. In case of a tie, which has occurred many times, the tied teams leave the camp and the first team back with a crow wins the tie. The day ends with a great meal and lots of stories.

Here is a pic of the Gold Cups (beer mugs) as the winners of the 2015 Crowlympics (Bob Cary, Michael Gierke, Jon Johnson). It was the 31st for this event. 13 3-person teams harvested 438 crows during the one day tournament.

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