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December, 2013 - Another Bob Aronsohn Milestone - 150,000 crows

On a cold morning (1 degree) in December, while hunting with his longtime partner Dick, our very own Bob Aronsohn reached a lifetime milestone that will very probably never again be equaled, the downing of 150,000 crows. Together they shot a little over 200 that morning, followed by an additional 190 odd crows on an afternoon hunt that same day, 390 total for that day.

Bob's partner Dick in his blind on that historic day

How do you arrive at such an such an incomprehensible number? Here are some stats from Bob:

It took 1,487 crow hunts to reach 150,000 crows. The number of shells (approx.) used was 211,601 trap & skeet loads in 7.5's, 8's & 9's.

It took me 16 years, from 1974 to 1990 (age 26 to 42) to shoot the first 50,000 crows. Mainly all 20 gauge in those days, perhaps a couple of thousand with a 410 with both the 5/8th ounce load (handload) and ? ounce load in 8's & 7.5's. The 410 was fun to shoot but you were just too restricted with it for any decent shoot.

The next 50,000 crows came within 11 years from 1990 to 2001 (more places to hunt, plus more experience) from ages 42 to 53. Most were shot with a 20 gauge with a 7/8th ounce load of 8's. I also kept a 12 bore in the blind to reach the birds the 20 gauge couldn't touch.

The next 50,000 crows were shot between 2001 to 2013 pretty much all 12 gauge because more guys were hunting them and the birds were getting tougher to hunt. Ages 53 to 65.

In 2008 I shot my 125,000th crow and in 2013 I shot my 150,000th crow, both in the same area out of state.

Bob and friends at Lifetime Achievement Dinner

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