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Beginner Techniques

So you want to be a crow hunter? Great! Here is your first important lesson: Relax! Sure, serious crow hunting can sometimes be complex and frustrating. Equipment selection, flyway location, calling techniques, and decoy placement, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. But keep in mind the main reason why experienced crow hunters got into this sport in the first place, fun. Plain old fashioned fun. And while those of us that are considered crow hunting fanatics may argue the proper timing for the "Rally Call" vs. the "Distress Call", the truth is that with a few dollars in equipment and a little bit of knowledge, the novice crow hunter can be tremendously successful and have a boatload of fun at the same time. In fact, beginner success combined with the abundance of crows throughout the world makes crow shooting a perfect way to introduce a young person to the great sport of hunting.

So just sit back with your favorite beverage, relax and explore this section to learn some of the basics of Crow Hunting. While these pages will not cover every situation you may run into in the field, it will give you a basic knowledge of this sport and how to apply it in most situations. With this knowledge and the time you spend afield, you will be able to develop specific techniques that work best in your area.

Welcome to the world of the Crow Hunter. Now go and have fun!!

Locating Crows

Locating Crows - Learn a little about crow flight patterns and behavior, and how you can put yourself in position for a good shoot.


Guns & Gear
Find out what basic gear you need to get started in this sport.

Weather, Blind Location and Setup

Weather, Blind Location and Setup
When, where, and how to effectively setup for your crow hunt.


Decoying and Calling
Learn the basics for calling in and decoying crows.

Decoying and Calling
Common Mistakes Made by Crow Hunters

Common Mistakes Made by Crow Hunters
Learn what NOT to do when hunting crows to prevent some dissapointing results.



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