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Here is the section that has become a favorite among members, classic Hate Mail. This is by no means a complete list of all the derogatory notes that we get, but is a compilation of the best (or worst) of mail from opponents to our sport. These are presented for entertainment purposes only and should be enjoyed in the spirit of fun. So lets sit back and take a peek into the mind of the anti-hunter. Careful not to stare too long...

Note: all grammatical and spelling mistakes kept as received with the exception of profanity, which has been censored to protect our young readers.

Pure Hate!

Christopher Corey - Short but sweet
Darkgryf - Crow recipe
-- Darkgryf Returns - Hobbies
Anonymous - Shortcomings
ReiCrow - Brain matter
Orpheusoul - Blind hate
Eric Draven - The curse king
Tumas - Right to the point
Raven XXX - Reincarnation
Crow Hunter Hater - Anti Art
Michael Myers - Halloween
Kasey Chandler - Natural Defenses
Ambylee - Private Look
Wrona - Evolution
Dan from England - God save the Queen
Eric Goulet - Monkey Business
Jenie - Wildlife Management
FireSheWolf - Purpose in Life
-- FireSheWolf 2- Help, I lost my Mummy
Rebekah - #%&@%
Melanie - Go West Young Man...
Tony F. - Fiery pits of hell
Fargo - Half-ass
Alexis the Insane - Crow providers
Sherman - "Accidents will happen!"

General Hate

Peter Using - Classic ARA rhetoric
Anthony Pilone - A real roller coaster ride
Anonymous - The crow hunter sub-species
Jacco - "Sport" redefined
Sara G. - "Solving world hunger
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Equal Rights for Crows Hate

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Holy Hate

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Pure Hate!
Christopher Corey - Short but sweet
A pox on you and your family.

Just the way we like our emails, short and sick. It's like we always say, why waste a lot of time writing a volume of insulting text when you can simply do it with the curse of a highly contagious viral disease?

What a charmer you are Chris.

Darkgryf - Crow recipe

18 human legs
1 bushel of nutmeg (emphasis on the nut... that's you)
14 crow hunters
8 shotgun shells
4 decoys
1 partrige in a pear tree

first toss all the legs and hunters in the blender
Flip on whip and feed to crows


A Special Animal Rights Fanatic Recipe:

A protest group of Animal Rights Fanatics
1 dozen lab animals
1 leg hold trapped fur coat
U.S. Constitution

release lab animals to die of hunger and cold (but at least they are free).
select choice fanatics from "Save the Snail Darter Rally".
remove bleeding hearts.
model fur coat for fanatics until they simmer.
serve cold over shredded U.S. Constitution to gullible public .

Darkgryf Returns - Hobbies
Why don't you do the world a favor and shoot some of the 400 million unwanted dogs and cats around. While your at it kill off a good thousand or so prized hunting dogs. Since when you breed any kind of purebred dog the ones that are not up to par are chucked so to speak. To tell someone otherwise would be ignorance on your part. You guys need to find real hobbies. How about you start with power line gymnasitics.

Darkgryf, I'm shocked that you are advocating the shooting of mans best friend. You could get your PETA membership revoked that way. It's always comforting to know that the animal rights groups are supported by people like yourself that have such an expert grasp on hypocritical thought.

Shooting cats? Hmmmmmm. Is that a real hobby?

Anonymous - Shortcomings
You, as well as EVERY other hunter are cowards! You use technology to "bag your prey". Why don't you act like real men and kill your prey without the aid of scopes, scans, high tech rifles and audio/visual equipment, etc...Scared little boys with your big toys, that is all you are. What's the matter? Trying to make up for a shortcoming somewhere else?
Our personal shortcomings not withstanding, here is another example of classic animal rights hypocrisy. Apparently, this emailer feels that it is the use of the “technology” that we use to hunt with that is so offensive. Call me crazy, but I just don’t think the “bunny-huggers” of this world would suddenly approve of our sport if we somehow managed to “bag our prey” by beating it to death with stones or a heavy club.

By the way, where can we get one of those crow “scanners” you mentioned?

ReiCrow - Brain matter
Ok, so I know nothing about the "art" of hunting, shooting and killing, but I would really like to know why. Why the hell would you do something like this? The crow is a highly respected powerful bird, and it was not put on this earth for you to destroy. I just want to inform you that what you are doing is wrong and what I should be doing is tracking and hunting you with a rifle and blowing your brains out. Also, did you know that it takes almost a full 3 minutes after your brains explode, to die?
I find this particular email especially frightening. Not because I have been killing a highly respected powerful bird all these years. And not because someone has threatened to hunt and track me down with a rifle. What really scares me is that after blowing my brains out, I might be forced to listen to his rambling diatribe for up to another 3 minutes. Hey Rei, even crow hunters deserve some mercy! Do you think you could maybe drown me instead?
Orpheusoul - Blind hate

...Let me start of by insulting you not only as a man but as a creature that the creator himself f###ed up in making. what can be said to someone such as yourself, who believes in what he does wholeheartedly? Crow Master? HA! you know nothing on the subject... just because you were given the right by the "united states of america" to be able to aquire a gun and a license to shoot down innocent animals and call it sport you consider yourself a master on the subject. Listen why don't you go beat your wife and kids if you need to relieve some of that angry white goodness that you carry within you...i hear it is passed down from generation to generation of inbred purity that people as yourself seem to be full of...including SH#T! Now this is the part where i as the
savior of the world scold you for destroying a perfect animal (something that you are oh so far from being) so let's start of with the insults...you DIRTY SON OF A F###ING BITCH... well that ended quickly i guess i can keep my anger in check, which is something you need to work on...and so in conclusion my fine feathered friend....you have been cursed by the spirit himself to have your eyes fail you for what you have done...slowly at first, but once reaching a more mature age...your eyesight will leave you...and you will be nothing more than a rotting old thing, blind in your venom, having only the sympathy of cawing crows...to keep you company in your wretchedness...

with much love and squalor,


I thought long and hard about how I might respond to the various aspects of this masterpiece of logic and came to the conclusion that it's just not worth it. One piece of advice Orpheusoul. While I applaud you for "keeping your anger in check", might I suggest upping your Prozac dosage a bit to keep in in check a little more. Just a suggestion.
Eric Draven - The curse king

Hi Jerk!

How the f##k can you be able to shoot crow without feeling guilty.No I'm not one of those greenpeace SOB's. I'm a person who enjoy's crow's. O.K you can if you want to, but why the F##k do you f##king use a shotgun A##HOLE!!!!!

If you were somebody I know I would kick your Redneck A##.

Eric, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? By the way, as far as your being a person who "enjoys crows", your secret is safe with us.
Tumas - Right to the point

Soon you'll be looking down the barrel of my gun.

Sleep easy

I'm sorry Tumas, did you say something? I must have nodded off.
Raven XXX - Reincarnation

You sons of bitches. I hope you f****ing rot in hell. How dare you call yourselves humans, f***ing scum of the earth I hope you rot in hell, and can't sleep at night and don't think those birds wont avenge themselves, you f***ing wait until you are reincarnated as a crow and one of your S.O.B friends shoot you down. If I had the f***ing chance I would have your f***ing heads on my wall, tear your guts out and make you eat them. Sleep tight, don't let the black birds bite. If I ever find out where any of you live...

Raven xxx

Raven, make up your mind, you either want use to "rot in hell" or be "reincarnated as a crow". I'll pick coming back as a crow. And as far as being shot by one of my S.O.B. friends goes, no problem. I always make it a point to hunt with guys that are worse shots than I am.
Crow Hunter Hater - Anti Art

        /??`/''   ''/??-`·?
      /''/    /    /    /?\
     (''(                     /
      \                    /

         F### YOU

Just as we suspected, these anti's have way too much spare time on their hands.
Michael Myers - Halloween

I know a better name for your website!

Change your page from "crowbusters" to "CROWBASTARDS"!!!!

10 crowbusters for one dead crow...

Thanks Mikey, it does have a ring to it, but the t-shirts are already made. Happy Halloween!
Kasey Chandler - Natural Defenses
you and your kind are pussys. if you for once hunted like aREAL man.without your gun.....you would be on the same ground as other animals,.........humans are pink hairless.defenseless animals when born.................at least most animals are built with a natural defense..............i hope i never meet you becuase if i do,i will be going to jail that night for killing a pussy like yourself................you 'people' make me sick...this isnt the last you have heard of me either..mark my words.and hope you have a stable, secure website.or one day it may be crashed or taken over with nothing but neat pics of crows...still ALIVE.................just wait.and i would recommend checking your DNS files for intruders.becasue there will be.this has been a warning.

Let’s see if we can follow your circular logic. Humans are born defenseless. Animals are born with natural defenses. Therefore, we should all be REAL men and hunt them without a gun. Huh? Well Mr. Spock, not to contradict your flawless logic or anything, but that is exactly the reason that we do hunt with weapons and always have. Besides, we find it hard to believe that you would be perfectly happy to see us grabbing and throttling a crow to death with our bare hands. Didn’t think so…

By the way Kasey, it's been 13 years since your email and we are still waiting for our site to be taken over. Maybe you should ask for a refund for your "Hacking 101 for Animal Rights" course.

Ambylee - Private parts
Do you guys even have penises?
I’d check now, but my hunting buddies would kick me out of the blind permanently.
Wrona - Evolution

Thank You for another proof of human stupidity, primitivity and ignorance. That will be a strong support for my theory that Homo sapiens is actually regresing in it's evolutoion. Hmmm.... with individuals like You in our population we will soon go back to the stoneage, or even further. Funny thing is that your prey, the crow is actually improving it's inteligence due to persecution of Yours and some othes stupid assholes like you. You help crows to develop new strategies to avoid beeing shoot, and this way develop their brains. I guess that soon I can expect to see a crow shooting one of You with a crow-designed gun. Ha ha ha, that would be so much fun to watch !!! Unexpecting hunter hides in a bush waiting for the crows, and suddenly boom - a moron lays dead and a family of crows has a food supply for the next week. Just imagine - a hunter being shot by his game - that would hit the newspaper headlines.

100 BUCKS FOR EACH CROW THAT SHOOTS 10 HUNTES (or stupid assholes - a better name for them) A DAY

Be careful - crows are stalking behind You!

Another perfect example of an Animal Rights Activist's wet dream, the prey turning on the hunter. The quirky twist to this odd fantasy is the theory that crow hunters are actually causing some sort of accelerated evolutionary trend in animal intelligence. Apparently, we can all shoot our way towards the creation of a race of "Einstein Crows". Well Wrona, until MENSA starts up an Avian Chapter, I think we will continue to keep our reloading cabinets well stocked.

A crow designed gun, huh? What Cawwliber would that be?

Dan from England - God save the Queen

I'm very impressed, well i found your staff pictures rather humurous and amusing.

1. How would you like me to take a shotgun and ramn it up your asrse!? and basically... What gives you the right to kill ehem SLAUGHTER innocent creatures, I think a shotgun overdoes it a bit. You lot need a smack! I feel like commin' over there to slap that dorky grin and dopey moustache off your face. I mean what are crows actually doing which Makes you get all orgasum-ie!?

"Look it's a crow! *Begins Wanking*"

Look! you guys have got to get a life! look at you! look at the facial hair and smiles! i first saw the picture of the gimp guy on the staff page and i thought IT was stuffed! You guys are gonna be in deep sh## if you dont stop what you're doing, i'll see to it.

This email says a lot about why England is in the condition that it is. Dan, you are welcome to take your shotgun and try stuffing it up our… Oh wait a minute, I forgot! They took all your guns away, didn’t they? As far as coming over here and stopping anything, I believe you guys tried that once. We slapped off those smug grins and dopey wigs bloody quick.

Talk about stuffed! How about that Queen?

Eric Goulet - Monkey Business

dear crowbusters,

I speak on the behalf of all the animal rights personell to say that we wish you all die. we hope that a giant gorrilla ape will take you away as you are hunting crow in the woods. only if west nile couldnt kill you first. god bless crows and god hate you. rot in eternal hell.

thank you

eat sh## and die.

Eric, are you sure you speak on behalf of ALL the animal rights personnel? Maybe you should call them all using 1-800-COLLECT and take a survey. We’ll wait.

Another thing, before you sic Kong on us, you should keep in mind that crow hunters (by shooting the diseases #1 carrier) are the only people helping to keep the West Nile Virus from killing you first! Since we doubt that little fact matters much to you, could you maybe send Godzilla instead? Bigger star quality!

As far as rotting in eternal hell goes, please save us a seat!

Jenie - Wildlife Management

I can not believe what I am seeing on this website. This is just about the most disgusting, idiotic, and cold hearted load of b###s### I have come across in a long while.

Don't try to justify it by saying they are destructive to the environment, or overpopulated, spreaders of disease etc. By heartlessly shooting them you are accomplish NOTHING .You will never kill enough to curb the population there will always be more to take there place. In fact, in some species it will increase their population. Humans are a million times more destructive to the environment than crows could ever be, and in fact are largely responsible for the increase. Also, West Nile Virus can not be transmitted from crows directly. So don't hide behind the guise that you are helping.

You are all a bunch of worthless, moronic COWARDS that should all be checked out for serious homicidal tendencies. I can only hope that while your out there drunk off your ass’s, shooting up dope or whatever other degenerative deeds you pursue, that in your STUPID drunken stupors you end up shooting each other. Our society would be a much healthier place without A##H##S like you all dragging down the rest of us and endangering lives.

Well Jenie, thanks for the brilliant lesson in wildlife management. Let’s see if I got this straight. By killing too many crows we are somehow causing an increase in the crow population. Hmmm! I think you had better check with the latest Animal Rights Activist playbook. As shown by other posts on this website, most of the anti’s are claiming that we are shooting them into extinction. You guys have got to network better. And as far as crows not transmitting WNV directly to humans goes, you are 100% correct. However, I don’t think that will come as much consolation to the families of the over 1,100 confirmed deaths of WNV, many of which were infected by a crow via a mosquito. So, your lesson not withstanding, I think we’ll continue with our homicidal tendencies for now. But take heart, we can rarely hit birds consistently when we are in a drunken stupor and shooting up dope! Blurry sight picture.
FireSheWolf - Purpose in Life
You sick bastards, how could you kill such a creature that does nothing to you? have you no god, he made these animals the same way he made snakes and cats and you. Why would he waste flesh on a beast that has no purpose in life? F### you all the way to hell and i hope that all the birds you killed haunt you for an eternity.
We agree with you 100%, God didn’t make anything on this earth that doesn’t have some purpose, including mosquitoes, fleas, sewer rats, pedophiles and PETA. It’s just that we don’t always like the purpose they serve! Besides, the only birds that haunt us are the ones that we missed inside of 30 yards.
FireSheWolf 2 - Help, I lost my Mummy
for your own sake i hope you did not kill in vain because when its time for anubis to scale your hearts against the feather of truth all of your victims will crow with joy as they watch your heart get eaten by the beast so you wander the earth desperately searching for the ones you love for you will never see them again. i give you one chance for salvation, stop and maybe the rest of your victims will be some what forgiving. go to hell m####r f#####s.
You’ve got to love the eloquent way that an animal rights activist can compose an email. After a long and complicated description of how Anubis (the Egyptian Jackal God of the Dead) will deal with us poor crow hunters in the next life, she ends with a “go to hell m####r f#####s”. Classic! You know, your Mummy should probably wash your mouth out with soap. And as far as “scaling our hearts against the feather of truth” goes, well, that doesn’t seem so bad. Kinda sounds like it might tickle.
Rebekah - #%&@%

Are your penises that small that you have to assert your power over little BIRDS??????? YOU GUYS MAKE ME SICK!!!! Jesusf#%@, you guys have no souls! You F%#@&%G MURDURERS!!!!!! It's barbaric!

Running around in camoflauge and shooting little birds does nothing for anybody! It simply desensetizes you and the rest of the world not to mention the needless killing. Can't you see the beauty in the natural world?! Of course you f%#@faces dont care about beauty do you? Just have to prove your dominion over this planet, don"t you? bastards

And why the hell do you guys call your anti-crow murder mail "hate mail"?? If all humans don't learn this basic respect that will teach us to live together in peace, then we are so screwwed! The rest of the world will become like you red-neck jackasses with nothing better to do than prove to yourself and the world that you are indeed a manly man. Why the hell do you f%#@faces have to do this? Jesusf%#@......... And what about CHILDREN?!?!?!?!? Your poor misled children with their poor idiotic parents. You're raising the next generation of serial killers, by the way.

After editing out all the R-rated portions of this email, we are having a little trouble with your example of how to "learn this basic respect that will teach us to live together in peace". Any more respect from you and we will have to send the kids out of the room, you know, except for the ones that we are raising as serial killers!

You asked why we call this “Hate Mail”? We don't have a clue...

Melanie - Go West Young Man...

You are the sickest mother %$@er on the face of the earth and I hope you rot in hell and watch your back if you ever come to California cause I'll be looking for your fat honky lazy mother &% @$# . Why don't you find a new hobby cause you ain't gonna be able to hunt crows anymore you can bet on that.

I hope you have a slow horrible death by a serial killer

Melanie, your style of writing sure lives up to that sweet sounding name. Hey, we resent the "fat honky lazy mother &%@$#" comment. Most of us are definitely not lazy! We work very hard at being fat honky mother &%@$#'s.

Oh yeah, don’t worry about a visit, we try to avoid going to the “Left Coast” if at all possible.

Tony F. - Fiery pits of hell
Let me just ask you one question. What the hell has a crow ever done to you? I could see if they were over populating america or trying to attack people that would be a reason to kill them. I hope all of the crows get together and attack you a## holes and peck out your god d### eyes and eat your brains. Also i know that you just kill them for the fun of it just to see them die because your not going to eat something that could have a life thereating diesease. i hope when you die you burn in the firey pits of hell for killing such an innocent animal just for fun. or better yet i hope one of your hunting buddies shoots you in the f###ing face by accident. burn in hell bitches.

Tony, always a pleasure to receive an adorable email like yours. Nothing like having someone wish for you to “burn in the fiery pits of hell” to really brighten your day. Sort of like an Animal Rights Activist "HallMark" moment I guess. But look, I’m with you on one point. We spend a lot of time and money trying to call and decoy those crafty birds. It sure would save a lot of trouble if they just got together and started looking for us as you suggest. The eyes and brains thing is a bummer, but think of the marketing potential. New at The CrowMart, the “Crow Busters Protective Helmet and Matching Goggles Set!”. Honey, where’s that patent form?

Oh yea, sorry to disappoint, but I fully expect one of my hunting buddies to shoot me in the BACK of the head instead. Just like your email, I’d rather not see it coming!

Fargo - Half-ass
saw your site, you must be a complete assh@%, screw you.
Thanks Fargo, we’ll take that as a compliment. We crow hunters would never want to be accused of doing anything “half-ass”.
Alexis the Insane - Crow providers
You people are the most sickeningly smug group of ###holes I have ever met. Have you ever considered that crows actually have livlihoods and wives (if different than your own). People keep these creatures as pets. Why do you hate crows so much? People shouldn't be getting in crows beaks so they shouldn't transfer West nile. if you want to do something useful where people that actually have full souls aren't hate-mailing you all the time, KILL MOSQUITOS. They carry west nile, too. They're worse than crows, and there are more of them. make something that only kills mosquitos, and doesn't do harm to anything else.

Alexis, as far as considering whether crows actually have livelihoods or not, well we have considered it, and so have a great many farmers, biologists and bird watchers. The trouble is that we just don’t like the line of work that they’re in. But then again we don’t particularly care for your average pick-pocket either, even if they are the ideal family provider.

And I think I can speak for all “sickeningly smug ###holes everywhere” when I say that we’re 100% behind your idea about killing mosquitoes. Problem is that we did have something called DDT that worked pretty darn well. That is until a rabid group of arrogant fact challenged “greenies” like yourself forced the product off the market. Not to get off on a rant here, but this little environmental temper tantrum has accounted for a 400% increase in malaria deaths throughout the world; over 1 million per year. And it has now been shown that it was based on flawed research. But what the heck, I’m sure your heart was in the right place! And finally, you had better check the Cliffs Notes version of the “Journal of Medical Virology” to see just how the West Nile Virus pathogen is actually transmitted. Hint: it isn’t by French kissing a crow. But then again we never kept a crow as a pet!

Sherman - Accidents will happen!

Get a life and leave crows alone. Oh what....you don't have a life? Well that's obvious. I'd rather be surrounded by a million intelligent beings like crows that one idiot like yourself. I support hunting accidents by the way! Hope there's one in your future.
PS Ha Obama won!!!!!!!

Sherman, we don’t know you, but I’m guessing from your tone that we probably wouldn’t care to hang out with you either. But we are glad to hear that you're on our side and support our occasional hunting accidents. I wish you were around the last time I accidentally shot a spotted owl thinking it was a crow. Thanks for understanding.

PS. You’re right, Obama won. How has that turned out so far?

General Hate
Peter Using - Classic ARA rhetoric

By accident I came across your little self-serving website while searching for crow-related information to help my children raise the somewht injured baby-bird we found 2.5 months ago.

However, I've often heard about those twisted hunter-minds, trying to force the "sportsmen" like alibis of the mid ages into a 21st century rationalization, however, I've never personally encountered all its bigotry before today. Your pathetic excuses in giving yourself permission to play GOD are almost as intelligent as the ancient bulls##t heard from buffalo hunters, justifying a slaughter that only Hitler could match.

Anyway, I'm starting to understand what the cognitively deprived white US- male of this century most desperately needs: a riffle and a target.

Sometimes the target is a crow, sometimes its the own family, it doesn't seem to matter much as long as it promises a good kill.....Well, it appears, that evolution has left little or no traces of advancement in the DNA of you "brotherhood".

The following passage from your webpage (which is ironically the one that tries so hard to sound human) could make a horse puke: "Having said all this, I believe the crow deserves our admiration and should be considered more than just a nuisance bird by hunters. The crow is the most intelligent of all birds in North America. As such, they can be a challenging and worthy adversary that, kept under control, are a welcome part of nature's complex tapestry."

What are you talking about you little piece of mediocrity? Who gives you the right to "believe" what "the crow deserves" to be , oh , "more than just a nuisance", how generous of you. Even more generous to call the crow a "worthy adversary", yeah, an unarmed one too. How simple.

I wonder: Did your father beat any sense out of you or did you lose IT in a hunting accident? Maybe you should consider thinking about an old saying that Henry Ward Beecher borrowed from the Indian culture: "If men had wings and bore black feathers few of them would be clever enough to be crows." Not that it makes me feel sorry for you.....


A Crow.

Here is another perfect example of how the animal rights crowd professes unbelievable compassion for all of God's creatures, except for man of course. Just once I'd like to read a letter from an animal rights fanatic that doesn't contain references to either "Hitler" or a "Fascist", or for that matter equating hunters to serial killers. By the way Pete, considering the proven history of crow depredation on songbirds and waterfowl, it is very likely that your injured baby-bird got that way from an encounter with a crow. Maybe your Beecher quote should be changed to "If men had wings and bore black feathers few of them would be ruthless enough to be serial killers like crows."
Anthony Pilone - A real roller coaster ride
speaking of animal rights, THERE SHOULD NOT BE CROW HUNTING!! SO

After riding this upper and lower case roller coaster, I began to feel a bit sick to my stomach in more ways than one. Inadvertently you have summed up the entire anti-hunting sentiment in a nutshell, namely that crows are 'pretty cool' so we had better stop hunting them now. Wow, what insight! I think I'll sell my guns and take up bee keeping.


Anonymous - The crow hunter sub-species

You are obviously a dead man...meaning you have no reverence for creatures who you consider inferior to yourself. You know very little about this bird in spite of your "Crow Facts" page. If you understood them as a species unlike ours, you would leave them alone to live out their lives. You've never been taught to live and let live. Someone introduced you to killing, probably as a kid, and you, like the robot you are, continue to kill. I'm sure crows aren't the only "objects" you enjoy killing...let's see, there are deer, and squirrels, and bears, and grouse and....well, hey! anything that's not human is open game for you! Right? Good luck. At least you admit you enjoy killing. Gotta have a little admiration for your honesty...but actually I can't drum up ANY admiration for a person like you because you are a killer - a taker of life.

You're way down on the evolutionary scale...hope you stay there so I don't have to run into you if I'm out in the country-side enjoying nature and the
creatures that belong out there.

Probably no sense wasting any ink trying to convince you that hunters can have reverence for something that they kill. In the end you'll never get it. By the way, unless you are living solely off pure oxygen, we are all killers and takers of life. Just some of us are honest enough to admit it.

Oh and thanks. You just reminded me that I haven't killed a grouse yet! Gotta go...

Jacco - "Sport" redefined


Can you tell me when the olympic games in East-Timor Indonesia will end?

Where is the sport in killing an animal with a gun? Tell you what, chances are you missed some next time you go on your 'sporting' trip, use a bazooka or better bomb the entire area

Another ARA perversion of the definition of "Sport". Apparently, it isn't considered sporting unless you are armed with nothing more advanced than a handmade pea shooter or the crows are equipped with laser guided bombs. Come on Jacco, do you consider it unsporting to play football with a helmet? Scratch that question, I think I already know the answer...
Sara G. - "Solving world hunger

You are all sick freaks. How on earth do you find pleasure in killing and injuring crows? Remember, they feel fear and pain the same as people. I have nothing more to say to you.

Sara G.

It was too good to be true...

I sent you a mail yesterday and I just remembered some things.

1) You moan at crows for being responsible for destroying crops and agricultural land. Well, did you know that if it was not for people eating meat, (we do not need to by the way, because we originate from herbivore chimps.) there would be enough agricultural land to grow enough twice the amount of food needed for the world. That would mean there would be enough food to feed 3rd world people, you lot AND crows/other animals. Think about that before when you put this on your website you call me a animal activist. (I do not eat meat, but I do it for people as well as animals.)

2) If crows are so inferior why do they only eat what they need to survive and live on, whilst the average human eats 50% more food than they need. Apart from those in the 3rd world obviously. If you and every other human being only ate what you needed to, there would be enough for all life.

Well, there you have it, the solution to world hunger! Apparently, if we just stop eating meat, we will have twice the food needed to feed both the population of the world's people and crows. Man, why didn't we think of that? Wait, doesn't that mean we will all have to live in a world full of vegetarians? Hmmm, maybe a little famine isn't all that bad. As far as the “herbivore chimps” go, I guess you missed the National Geographic special showing chimps hunting, tearing apart and eating monkeys in their natural habitat. Better click off the Disney Channel now and then.
William J. Hecker - Angry spirits
Be careful of what your advocating. Crow consumption(destruction) may not be legal unless your a farmer protecting your crops. Personally I find the crow a beautiful and humorous creature. Consumed by natives only in an emergency and after an a great amount of spiritual inflection given to ease the anger of the powerful spirit that lives in the crow. If you really want to do the avian world a favor, shoot starlings with unwanton abandon.
Keep in mind that most people, especially farmers, fail to appreciate the humorous behavior of this destructive bird. Besides, I find that 1-1/4 ounces of #7.5 shot eases the anger of the powerful spirit that lives in the crow quite well.
Mike Attaway - Questions, questions
why do you kill crows?
do they harm you at all?
do they eat you?
do you eat them?
the fact is that they are very helpful animals to farmers
they kill more harmful insects than just about any other
hey (in order)
1. for sport.
2. no. Well except for that pesky West Nile Virus.
3. not yet.
4. sometimes.
5. sure, that's why those uninformed farmers have been trying to kill them for a couple of thousand years.
JTl008 - Endangered Species
You know, crow hunter, after all the crows, snakes, mountain lions, grizzlies, wolves, etc are hunted and killed to extinction, what then? I guess what you've been doing for centuries, killing each other. The mentality, or lack of it, you show will as always be turned upon yourselves. When will you ever learn? Don't you wish you had half the sense the crow has? I sure do.

JT, if you had "half the sense the crow has", you would already know that thanks to the sportsmen of America, many species that were endangered at the turn of the century have made a phenomenal comeback. And another thing, I'm getting sick and tired of the constant comparison between hunting and mans violence against man. Hey, if you had managed to crack a newspaper in the last few decades or so, you might have noticed a few liberal, non-hunting leaders that bombed the hell out of just about anyone on the globe for one reason or another. For that matter, I haven't noticed a lot of inner city street gangs wearing crow calls around their necks during drive-by shootings, have you?. Get the point?

By the way, when did snakes make the Endangered Species list?

Paulious - Intelligence

Subject: Cowards

They're smarter than you.

Only the ones that are still alive...
R Kennedy - Cover the Bases
It's not that I am a die hard animal lover. I understand the food chain and I do eat meat. I stumbled across your web site as I was looking for information on crows. From what I read in your site your whole basis for hunting these birds is that they are a nuisance or so you think. It's not my place to tell anyone who or what they have the right to be a annoyed at. I will however tell you nothing annoys me more than people walking around with the misconception that their life and reality of the physical world around them is so much more important and meaningful, than than that of a crow or other animal, that they have the right to extinguish that so called lesser life form solely because they are annoyed. To watch a moron with a gun shooting in the air at a bird he isn't going to eat could only be about a thrill kill. We'll fix that bird for wanting to eat survive and raise a family. How can people actually pride them selves on being able to kill animals? First of all it isn't a fair contest. Try hunting without guns or man made weapons.

Mr. Kennedy manages to cover all the bases in one email. Well, lets knock them down in a row.

For the last time, we ARE better than animals, always have been and always will be. Period. Historically, biblically and legally we are not and should not be considered the same as animals. To suggest otherwise destroys the concept of the human race. Nuff said.

Secondly, all destructive life on Earth can be excused by saying that it is just trying to survive, so why interfere? Well guess what, so are we!! Cockroaches, rats, fleas, termites, locusts, mosquitoes and yes, crows are all trying to survive. Tough! They will just have to try harder.

Finally, the "play fair" argument. Somehow it is cheating to use our God given intelligence to hunt. I guess you would rather us "stone" our prey to death or drive larger prey into pits and drown them. You can get back to us on that.

So, I think we hunters will continue to walk around with our misconception of our life and reality of the physical world around us. OK with you?

Red Tiger Eye - Eye of the Tiger
This is the meanest thing I have ever saw. All of you people are basters. You hunt them because their annoying yeah that makes alot of sense there. Well humans are annoying and steal things to, but you dont see us hunting them down. All you people are doing is making the food web and chain unbalanced and thats not good to todays enviroment this world is already making it bad enough now you have to go and do this, that is stupid and not good.
Tiger, we have a name for animals that are annoying and steal, "varmints". We also have a name for humans that steal, "criminals". And when they become "fugitives", we do hunt them down whenever possible. So lets not act as if we just single out the poor crow. By the way Red, if you are going to insult an entire group of sportsmen, you might want to look up those curse words in a dictionary. It's spelled "Bastard". Got it? Good, now you are ready for your next animal rights letter writing campaign.
Hate-Full - Friends

F### You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are just a wimp for shooting a them for fun, i hope that you'll receive a bullet from your stupid friends .

We always love to receive ammo. Problem is, our stupid friends haven’t figured out how to fill out the FEDEX form yet!
Robert R. - Enlightenment
It is with great regret that i wish the greatest of harm to you and all those miss guides souls that subscribe to your philosophy,and I already know that uninlighten persons such as yourselves will easely disreguard this message,but let it be known your organization is now a target!
Sorry, but you are a little late. Our organization has been a target for some time now by "inlighten" persons such as you. A little free advice Bob, go into the settings on your word processor and click on "Enable Spell Checking". Unless of course "miss guides souls" is really the name of some Psychic.
Peter Dunn - Alternate Passtimes
Don't you people have something better to do than shoot animals that are smarter than you are?
Sure Pete, shoot animals that are dumber than we are! The problem is that those Animal Rights Activists don’t seem to be smart enough to decoy reliably.
Bee Bread - Compensation
wow, congratulations fellas. you have all managed to find each other--middle aged men with guns to compensate for that little nub in your pants. as you read, you know its trrue,. oh im sorry you only received 2 inches. ask your wives if they're happy with you all, then we'll know why you need to kill the way you do. oh, im so sorry for all of you. happy hunting.

We really appreciate your sympathy for our "little" problem, but you know what they say, “It’s not your size, but how you use it”! Sometimes the same holds true for brain matter, as demonstrated in your email. And besides, we suspect our wives biggest complaint is the size of our paycheck, especially after the new Cabelas catalog shows up.

By the way, those little keys that say Shift on your keyboard let you type capital letters. Better loosen that hatband!

Wabie - Bon Appetite
Do you eat your crows? if you do send me a recipe , if not why in the hellare you killing those birds, their function is quit neened to clean up wast of animal carcases and left over food man wast at the nearest waste site, this probably why they are white lack of good nutrtion from eating chemimicals spilled in the wast sites or possibly they are old as grampas and grandma grey hairs who know's or even another of the creator or gods gift to fascinate us!!!!!! not to kill it and stuff it as a trophy a cat and dog make a good trophy stuffer aswell.
Chris, we do have recipes, but after reading your email we found we have lost our appetite…
Mr. Gideon - Poetic Justice

One crow sorrow,
Two crows joy,
Three crows a letter,
Four crows a boy,
Five crows silver,
Six crows gold,
Seven crows a secret never to be told!!

When you've finished your murdering ways, and you're nothing but an old man. Who has NOTHING a Murder of Crows will decend, Rattle your Bedroom window. Casting their shadows over you, Laughing at what you've amounted to in your miserable lives. I wont threaten you or pretend to be strong. When you kill a man, Their faces haunt you forever. When you kill a Crow it's no different, You'll just wait alittle long. Then it hits you. "Why did have i done this? they were just like us!" you probably wont ever reach that stage of regret or intelligence. When people die, a Crow carries their soul to the land of the dead." I suggest you leave your Evil ways before it returns to you.

“…they were just like us!” You’re kidding right? I hate to “rattle” YOUR upstairs window, but since when did any animal, much less a crow, take the quantum evolutionary leap ahead and end up at our level? Man I wish we knew where this “all creatures are equal” clap trap originated. It’s sure not coming from the Bible, our Constitution or any other non Animal Rights Activist source I can find. Anyway, until you come up with a better reason than “I say so…”, I think we will continue with our evil ways! Rattle on!
Doris (Avian Wildlife Rehabilitator) - Rehabilitation
What gave you the right to harm any of GOD'S creatures. I don't hate you. I pity you. In the end, it will come back to you, as you gave it. Everything goes full circle.
Doris, what’s the problem? Seems to me that we are keeping you in business. By the way, any chance we can get a commission? Just asking.
Rachel - Clueless

It is hard to imagine what I can say that would make you change your
cruel ways... that would make you see that what you are doing is vile and heartless...

I presume you are clueless and stubbornly so.

Shame on you.

Yes Rachel, we are very stubborn about our cluelessness! See, we do have something in common.
Anonymous - Industrial strength hate
Are you people the products of industrial-strength in-breeding? Did you not complete the 2nd grade? You prove to me, and the American public in general, that crows are carriers and transmitters of WNV. You made the statement, so now you have to prove it. You can't, and you know you can't. Even if they had the capability to do so, and they don't, they die before they can transmit it to any other organism. Crows, and other corvids, are more susceptible to the virus and have much less chance of surviving it than most other species/genera.

Well, to test your accusation about our education, we went out and asked a 2nd grader to look up the “West Nile Virus” on the web and here is what he found:
“ U.S. Center for Disease Control” web site 12/23/02

Wow, that was hard, wasn’t it? I think that pretty much covers the proof that you were looking for, at least to the satisfaction of the American Public. I have a feeling that nothing we could produce will ever change your clouded mind on this subject, even if a mosquito carrying the virus from an infected crow came down and bit you on the “arse”. So enjoy that happy place in your mind where Mother Nature is always fair and all animals are our friends. And next time, try asking the Kindergartner next door to help you with some research before you spout off. Might help with your case of “Industrial-strength ignorance”.

Beth M - Coming of Age
Make sure you teach all the new crow hunters that Men don't have balls until they shoot a crow. You people are pathetic.
Thanks Beth, we will immediately add that to the “Crow Hunting for Beginners” manual. Hey, what about our female members? Don't answer, I don't want to know!
Anonymous - Terror Alert!
t is sites like yours that encourage killing and violence of living beings! you are no different from a how to build a bomb site! i would not be surprised if your company donates money to out of the country no gooders!
Wow, thanks for elevating our web page up to the level of a terrorist site! And to think we were starting to feel like we were only small potatoes. But not to worry; we will only donate to the “no gooders” in this country. You know, just the politicians that support our sport!
Retsnom - Gross Thoughts
I personally believe you guys that kill crows for no reason but to hunt a defenseless animal are disgusting. I have recently inherited a crow and even though it is illegal, I am keeping it. I don't see why it's perfectly legal to kill all the crows you want, but it is illegal to try to save a poor crows life because it is a "wild" animal. You guys make me sick and I can't believe you could ever hurt a poor animal that can't protect it's self from you and your gross thoughts and actions!!! I hope you guys understand the b######t you pull with these poor animals and wise up someday before the people who care have their vengeance!!!

Wow, we crow hunters have been accused of a lot of misdeeds in the past, but never of directing “gross thoughts” towards the game we hunt. Is that something like a hunting hate crime? Look, most of the “gross thoughts” that we run across are usually directed towards law abiding hunters like ourselves, by self-proclaimed “caring” individuals like yourself (see last line of your email). Don’t believe us? Check out the rest of this “Hate Mail” section for some great examples of man's “caring” for his fellow man. Better pour a strong drink first!

You also asked why it is illegal to keep crows as pets? Not really sure, but we can only assume that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that shooting a crow is more humane than allowing one to be exposed to the daily dribble of misinformation found in the home of an Animal Rights Activist. So tear up the adoption papers on your recently inherited crow and leave the window open. Don’t worry, the next time we see him we promise not to direct any “gross thoughts” his way. Really!

Frank Lee - Comic Genius

With the exception of "shortcomings" I didn't see any e-mail stating the correlation between hunters with small penises to the desire to hunt prey usually less intelligent than themselves. But in this case that is somewhat contradictory ... because the crow is smarter than it's hunter!!! Now I know why you bother killing them... ENVY!!!! Over their superior intelligence and their comparatively HUGE birdie penises... (compared to yours, that is!) Which brings to mind ... Is there anything less intelligent than a crow hunter??? I don't think so. :-) That's why you don't post the "love mail" from your fellow crow hunters... THEY CAN'T WRITE!!! This makes your web site such a waste, because barring dyslexia, THEY CAN’T READ EITHER!!!! But you do have the "purrty" pictures, and the video and the animated mosquito... Add some "shiny" objects and you'll catch a crow hunter's attention for sure.

I take that back, your web site's not I waste. I enjoyed those photos of Dick Mermon and Bob Aronsohn... are they for real?? Could you have found better examples of troglodyte, red neck, white trash, brain damaged looking people? Couldn't Dick have submitted a photo of himself bathed??? Or is that event a couple months away yet? Oh! I get it! It's camouflage! So the crows won't notice him sneaking up on them. Oh Lordy ... such a serious sport! Which brings to mind... What's sorrier than a crow hunter? Amoebiatic Poo? Poor, pasty white, un-educated, un-employed, with little to do with himself except to publish trivial and banal (Oops, tough word fer ya) web sites, like yours.

We are so overwhelmed by the bizarre series of screwy comments found in this email that we’re having trouble thinking up a suitable reply (or maybe we're just being distracted by a shiny object somewhere in the room). The one point that always makes us giggle though, is the recurring insult about how the crow is so much smarter than the guys that hunt them. Well, maybe so, but after skimming the Photo Gallery on our web page, all we can say is, “Not that day they weren’t!!”

So Frank, when you're done basking in the applause of your own self delusional stand up routine, you should consider putting that comedic genius of yours to good use in the real world, maybe as a scriptwriter for the Al Franken Show or as a party clown for the PETA Kids. I think balloon animals of endangered species would be a big hit!

Oh yeah, we checked with Dick and not to worry, he’s already had his spring bubble bath. Turns out that he cleans up real nice!

Mike - Sadistic Pleasure
I just read the “Why Hunt Crows” part of your web site, which attempts to rationalize the crow hunt as a form of conservation. If the author was being honest, I think he would have acknowledged that most people who kill crows do it simply because they enjoy killing crows. This is known as sadism.
You’ve got your definition all wrong. Sadism is taking enjoyment in the pain and suffering of other creatures. All real hunters try to minimize this. A better example would be the forcing of hunters to read the endless ranting of perverse logic and off the wall obscenities cloaked under the guise of animal rights. In other words, Hate Mail. But maybe you hit close to the mark Mike and we are really just masochists. After all, we do enjoy reading this stuff...
Master Chef Peanut - Evermore
I think that you and all of the other sorry crow hunters out there need to get a freaking life, why kill something that is so pure and sweet, a true gift of mercy, they are friendly and talk to you with a soft caw caw in the mornings, I heard a crow at my window sill this morning and it was so wonderful, so stop it go kill pigeons or something.
Signed, who gives a freaking flying flip
Well, we’ve heard crows called a lot of different things here at Crow Busters, but never “pure and sweet” or “a true gift of mercy”. I guess “sweet” is in the eye of the beholder, but millions of songbirds and waterfowl each year might want to quibble with your “gift of mercy” statement. As far as we can see, the crow is the avian equivalent of the common house cat run amok when it comes to harming the nests of its fellow creatures. So, like the stray cat, I think we’ll continue to thin out the merciful crow whenever we get the chance. In the meantime Peanut, you might want to seek professional help if the “friendly” crows continue to “talk to you” in the morning at your window sill. Edgar Allen Poe reportedly had the same problem and you know how that turned out. Stop killing crows? “Nevermore!”

Rodney H. - Homework

Today, I discovered your web site. The site illustrates a killing spree. The mail you receive is an indication that this can bring out the worst in people rather than the best. Many of the letters are poorly composed, but you need not take advantage by getting in the last word as you often do. You have gotten your say by way of your web site. Have the decency to allow your public to express opinions. Most of them seem honestly thought through by those who surely have a right to react according their conscience. They may very well have done their homework, something like this:

1) made a good effort to acquire as much information about the subject as possible,

2) tried to organize the information into self-knowledge,

3) thought deeply about the implications and consequences of this knowledge in their personal attempt to find wisdom.

Come on Rod, you’re kidding right? You might want to do a “reading for understanding” homework assignment and go back over what is posted on our web site in relation to your 3 points above. We couldn’t find a worse example of “a good effort to acquire as much information about the subject as possible” without visiting an Al-Qaeda recruitment rally. And I think you’re missing the core problem with the animal rights argument (and most liberal arguments in general), namely that they haven’t “thought deeply” about the subject at all, but have “felt deeply” about it instead. And as we all know, if you feel deeply enough about something, it must be true, and no mountain of facts to the contrary are going to change your mind!

Do we sometimes bring the worst out in people? Maybe. But after reading the non-stop string of vile and disgusting insults and threats thrown our way, you’ve really got to have a “brass set” to insinuate that we didn’t have the decency to allow the public to express their opinions. Hell, much more “expressing” and our staff would qualify for the Federal Witness Protection Program.

So why don’t you remove those rose colored glasses and take a second look at the series of train wrecks that the ARA crowd has written “according to their conscience” in their “personal attempt to find wisdom”. Be careful though, it could bring out the worst in you. Oops, I guess we got in the last word again.

Angie - "Crowphobia"
I have had a fear of crows my entire life. Today I have been searching to find a way to overcome my fear. I considered adopting a baby crow to learn more about them and become comfortable with these mysterious animals. I came across your sight in my search. My jaw dropped when I began to learn that there is an association dedicated to killing these animals. Because you find them annoying and invasive you believe that you have a right to take there lives. I find this absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves as human beings. I assure you that you are setting an example for your families. You may conceder the impact you are making on your children and grand children while you are out committing these acts. You should know that you come across on your webpage as group of soul-less, sick minded red necks.

Angie, not to quibble with your Psychiatrist’s recommendation or anything, but I’m not sure adopting a baby crow is the best way to treat this phobia. Kinda like trying to get over the fear of drowning by sitting in an empty pool and slowly filling it up. Might I suggest a more direct approach, and one that doesn’t involve breaking any Federal Migratory Game laws.

Try hooking up with a crow hunter on a hot flyway some afternoon, and every time you see a screaming crow diving into the decoys, repeat “It is just a bird. I own my fear, it doesn’t control me” while simultaneously pulling the trigger on a load of #7.5 handicap trap loads. Could work wonders and is a lot cheaper than an hour on the therapist’s couch. Then again, it might be a bit difficult to find one of our members willing to sit in a blind with someone holding a loaded shotgun that could be subject to massive anxiety attacks. Any volunteers out there folks?

And as far as negatively impacting my children goes, I’ll start getting concerned when my kids become “impacted” enough by my examples to remember to turn the lights out when they leave a room.

Susan O'Rourke - "The Great White Crow Hunter"

There is a saying that when you see a White crow something remarkable will happen..
Apparently that is true.  Even after the urgings of the DNR and your neighbors you still felt you had the Right to kill it.  Im sure that dead Crow on your wall makes you feel more like a Man which is the Remarkable part of it all.  If you're so proud of your actions then why dont you let your neighbors in on what you've accomplished instead of Broadcasting on a website that caters to the likes of other folks that think its cool to kill for fun. Safety in numers I guess.

By the way... Mutated and Albino Crows are not a Prize Trophy or Unseen Great Rarity.... You can even go to Europe and Shoot Pied Crows every day of the Week.... So I hope you werent counting on getting rich and famous with your astounding find.

Suzy, I’m not sure where you get your information from, but to my knowledge we’ve never been requested by any government agency to hold our fire when we spot one of your “Unseen Great Rarities”. And you couldn’t be more wrong about our pride involving these birds. Once my neighbors realized that I was here to stay, they were all invited in to see what I assume is your mascot, mounted and proudly hanging in my basement.

I was a little devastated though to find out from you that I won’t be getting rich from my rare white crow. Luckily my retirement is safe thanks to my extensive Jackalope collection.

Equal Rights For Crows Hate
Donna Hopkins - Natural instincts
What gives you and your fellow murderers the right to kill a crow or any naturally wild animal or bird for following their natural instincs when looking for food to sustain themselves & raise their young? It's one of those macho things i guess to be able to kill something that wont fight back. People like you & your manly friends should be taken out & hunted, see how you like it.

Bound to happen sooner or later, the "You should be hunted, see how you like it" comeback. Well Donna, I probably wouldn't like it, but then again I probably wouldn't like being raised for food, caught with a fishhook, made to lead a blind person around or used as a test animal for cancer research. But guess what? Animals are not humans and do not have the same rights we do. And as far as letting animals follow their natural instincts, I suppose you would allow termites to chew your house to the ground to sustain themselves and raise their young.

I hear baby termites are just adorable....

Nancy - Warm and cozy

I can see the need to hunt crows when they are destroying your livelihood, i.e crops. But, having had a crow for a pet and learning of their intelligence and beauty, it just seems to me there must be a better way. In this day and age of advanced technology, I don't even like the thought of hunting for food or clothing.. Not when you can go down to Safeway or K-Mart and buy all the meat and warm coats you want. I'm not going to use that tired "white macho male" cliche. Hell, I don't know what color you are! And I'm not a fanatical animal rights activist, but I do think that a lot of the stuff that man does to animals is totally unnecessary. We don't need to feed a zillion pounds of Drano to dogs to know that it kills them. And we don't need to blind cats to find out if cosmetics will burn the eyes of the sophisticated lady. And I truly believe that alot of hunters don't really care why they are killing critters. They just like to kill them. So, even though you talk history and do what you can to justify killing crows, I'll never quite see it your way.

Respectfully, Nancy

Nancy, glad to see you get a "warm and cozy" feeling going down to Safeway or K-Mart to get your food and clothing, but I think I should tell you this before you hear it from someone less sensitive. There is no Easter Bunny and yes, someone had to kill those animals before they got to your local shopping center! As usual, it seems it's OK to have someone do your killing for you, but "macho" if you have enough integrity to do it yourself. Just goes to prove my standing theory, that the AR fanatics care more about the fact that hunters do the killing than what happens to the animal. By the way, keeping a crow as a pet is a federal crime and U.S. Fish & Wildlife will "never quite see it your way". Oops!
Celano - The farmers best friend
I think killing a crow is a terrible thing to do. There is no reason to kill such an enigmatic, beautiful creature!! They have done no wrong to you. Sure, they might eat lots of crops like corn, but if you think about how many crops are grown around the world, a few fields of corn being eaten is nothing!! They have to eat to survive, so you ignorant a##holes can shove off!!!
NO thank you,
Celano I DON'T LIKE YOU!!!!!
Having seen your complete understanding of the farmers financial situation, I have forwarded your address to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for crop damage remittance, as I'm sure you won't mind refunding the farming community for the loss of "a few fields of corn". Sound fair?
P McBride - Speechless

Crowbusters: Do what you will. Do what you enjoy. Kill as many living things as you can. When you and your kind are wiped from the earth, probably as a result of disease with perhaps some nuclear radiation for entertainment, the crow will still be here, laughing at you. You exist outside of nature and beyond necessity or reason. You are adrift on a small boat and you confirm your perversity and ignorance by shooting holes into that boat. God creates. Man destroys. Crow endures and persists. If crow were weak and simple, as you are, he would pity you. But you are nothing to him. He has seen you, knows you. If can't take care of your own planet, you don't deserve to live. Alive, you are contamination and ruin. Dead, you are meat. Caw.

If you can't make it, don't take it. You only fake it. Wake up! Life is sacred.

For once, the Crow Busters staff is speechless when it comes to responding to the flood of illogic above. Oh well, better just get back to entertaining ourselves with nuclear radiation.
Anonymous - Familiar Fare



After reading your email, we all agree that it wouldn't be right to kill your pet crow just for the sake of killing it. Therefore, if you will mail him to us (preferably feathers removed), we will be sure to add him to a pot of good Cajun barbeque. The young ones are especially tender.
Michael - Noble Intentions

I am watching the mating pair of crows in my front yard. They are beautiful. There is a really fat one and a smaller one that are a common guest of the yard. There is also a nesting robin in the Rhododendron tree outside the kitchen window. I can see her face.

Did you ever consider that when you kill a crow the babies back in the nest are going to die a slow painful death if the others are not able to care for them? As social animals there is no doubt that the remaining animals are going to feel pain over the lose of their companion. Of course, you would simply dismiss this. I will never understand how some people can put out of their minds the suffering they cause others. And I read your rational for your killing but its is a naked rationalization. I will never understand the evil in the hearts of man that can be rationalized as good. If you ask any villian how he does what he does he will always tell you that he is the cause of no suffering and that his is a noble cause. Such pride. The Christians who enslaved Africans said God had told them it was a noble cause. Later they rationalized their sin by saying Africans were not human. Killing crows is not the same thing of course but the mechanics of the human mind used to rationalize bad behaviour (wrong thinking) is the same. As they say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince people he didn't exist. Those who do not beleive they are capable of doing great wrong in seemingly simple acts are the most capable. But all acts of terror begin with small acts by men who consider themselves good. The virtuous man is the one who is very careful of all his actions and does no harm to others. I believe only a few people are virtuous. Most men are common and lazy thinkers content in rationalizing their actions to the point where they no longer see the world around them. All they see are the world they have created in their minds.

After snapping out of the psuedo-coma this letter induced, we realized that you took the long way in getting around to stating the Animal Rights holy mantra, “Animals are the same as Humans”. You know, the “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” mentality that permeates the PETA run vegetarian cafeterias around the world. Well, you are right; man has done some horrible things to his fellow man for one noble cause or another. Nobody is proud of that. But that doesn't have anything to do with sport hunting! So let’s try this once again. Animals are not people! They don’t have the same rights as people and never will! In fact, unless you had the Chicken Pox and missed a few Sunday School lessons, you should know that they don’t have human souls either! Sorry, but that is what makes us capable of that nobility you talked about. Anyway, you get the idea, or maybe you don’t. In either case, I suppose we will continue to be the crow shootin’ villains you labeled us as. By the way, I’m sure the African-American hunters reading this will love having slavery compared to crow hunting. What was that you said about being careful to do no harm to others?

P.S. Sorry to break this to you Michael, but those nesting crows will likely eat those baby robins soon. It’s getting harder and harder to find a virtuous crow these days.

Wayne & Jutta - Gentle Comments
(I cannot leave your site without making the following gentle comment [I don't necessarily want to wind up on your hate mail list...]: To me, crows have been friend and protector since I was a little girl, and I miss their morning calls and visits. Obviously, I could never kill a friend...but I didn't write to tell you about the tears I shed and the stabbing pain I felt in my heart when I stumbled across the photos on your website that showed so many of my friends in a state that prevents us forever from hearing their voices and enjoying their company...in this life at least...)
Sorry you are in mourning, but many of us, including most farmers, are still receiving the “morning calls and visits” of the common crow on a regular basis, sometimes by the thousands. A little advice, if you want a friend and protector, better get a nice German Sheppard pup.
Death to CB - Presumed Innocent
What r u thinking. This senseless act of slaughtering inoccent and beautiful creatures makes me sick. I cant believe you cowards actually call yourselves sportsmen. Personnaly I believe that the crow is a wonderful and graceful creature and I delight in their presence. And here you are killing these birds. If people like you arent stopped the entire crow population could be wiped out. What will you do then, shoot deer? I dont even think thats legal yet.

OK, let’s finally clear up the definition of the grossly overused word “innocent” that seems to creep into half of the hate mails that we receive.

Innocent: A person free from, or unacquainted with, guilt or sin.

Morally speaking, only a person can have true guilt or innocence. That’s because we are the only creatures in the universe, as far as we know, that knows right from wrong. So the use of this word (and concept) has no place in the natural world unless it refers to human behavior. Nature is cruel, unmerciful and is full of daily examples of nasty animal behavior that would be considered a capital crime if judged by our standards. Just take a look at what happens when the neighborhood Tabby gets loose on a torture and killing spree. It would make Hannibal Lector blush.

So let’s stop trying to vilify hunters by asserting that it is so much worse to kill an “innocent” animal as opposed to a “guilty” one, whatever that might be. Just doesn’t make sense, and I doubt that we would find many “bunny huggers” blessing the shooting of only those birds that were criminally inclined.

Besides, we think we found a loophole for all our fellow crow hunters. They do call a group of crows a “Murder”, don’t they? Sounds like that warrants a death sentence! Case dismissed!

Holy Hate
ByteMoll - Dictionary Lesson 1
Your heart is empty. Your soul is dead. Your brain rationalizes your need to murder something. Should you be proud of your efforts? You are a murderer. Plain and simple. What is there to be proud of? Your spirit is sick. You justify all this killing by saying that the crows deserve it because they are a varmit, well I'd hate to tell you what you deserve. And what you have earned by living your life with an evil heart. You will find out soon enough. You are a murderer. In the end, that is all you will be known for. "Yeah, he killed a bunch of crows, but that only proves that he is a heartless bastard." Nothing more. You call them a Murder of Crows. But actually it should be "A Murder of Humans", because that is ALL people like you are good at. Murder. Shame on your black heart!
OK, lets get our definitions straight once and for all. Rand McNally defines murder as "the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought". My evil black heart not withstanding, it does not and never has pertained to animals and hopefully never will. Unless of course you plan on convicting everyone who has taken a bite out of a Big Mac or has ever gassed a cockroach with a can of RAID. So ByteMoll, try saying these phrases. "Animals aren't people! Animals do not have the same rights as people!" Keep repeating until you decide to take your goldfish out of your will.
-- Return of the ByteMoll - Lesson 2

You can define murder any way you like. Killing for sport is murder. Killing because you like to kill is murder. Calling a living sentient being "game" is obscene. You said yourself that the Crows are a worthy advisary and as such deserve dignity and respect from you. What does it mean to you that one of the best ways to hunt Crows is to either hang a wounded crow in a tree and have his screams bring in other Crows or play a recording of a dying Crow. What does it mean to you that crows come? Why do they come? Do they come because they are stupid to you or because they risk everything to help a brother? (I wonder, would you be so brave?) And because they come, do you think, "Stupid bastards. They deserve to die for risking their lives".

All I am saying is this. We are humans. We are capable of great things. Why do we always choose the things that are ugly and cruel? You could choose to do any thing. Why do you choose to do hateful things? You choose the lowest form when the highest is at your fingertips. You expect respect, but you have no respect for anything living and because you are a "HUMAN" you think that you have the RIGHT to be the way you are. But you have no right. You simply made an ugly choice and are using that ancient quasi-justification "Because I'm human and I have more rights than stupid animals." as an excuse for your ugly choices.

Love and light, Denise

P.S. I do not eat animals. I do not support animal research. I have however killed slugs on occasion. I am not perfect, nor do I think that you or anyone else should be. I just think that we should try to better ourselves and the world as we journey through life. But the arrogant human ego thinks of itself as superior. So we authorize ourselves to go about crashing and crushing everything that we feel like destroying, explaining to anyone who ask's, " Hey! I'm the human! I'm supposed to be this way! I have the right!"

Like most anti-hunters, you've got it all wrong. I know of no hunter that I have ever met, including myself, that has any animosity or hate toward anything they hunt. In fact, most of the genuine hate that I run across in my travels comes from people like yourself that violently despise the entire group of law abiding citizens called "sportsmen". I'm sure you will never understand this, but it is possible to hunt and yes, kill an animal that you find majestic and beautiful. Every other real hunter already knows this. Perhaps you should turn some of your energy to lift the human species out of it's primitive past inward on yourself for some good OLE fashioned self examination. Besides, that slug could have been someone's Pappy.
-- ByteMoll Strikes Back- Scripture Lesson
Hello again. (^-^) I just popped in to see what was new with you and your space in cyber. Low and behold, I see that you are trying to say that killing is your right again. I can't let that go unchallenged. (-.-) You say that it takes much integrity to kill. As Christians, are we not bound to love. Everything in this universe is a gift of love from God, a piece of God. A work of art from the hands of our God, the Creator of this Universe. Are we therefore not obligated to care for and love all of God's creations?!? Are we not strong enough to walk softly, in light and love upon this earth? Walk with Grace Like God would. You have to ask yourself why you like to kill. God does not want you to kill, in fact he said, "Thou shall not kill!", he did not specify what you can or can not kill. Just this from the mouth of GOD: "Thou!! Shall!! Not!! Kill!!". Man in his arrogance included all the exceptions to the law of God. Think about it my Brother, ask your heart. Peace.

OK, quicky Scripture lesson.

And God blessed them and told them, "Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it; you are the masters of the fish and birds and all the animals". Genesis 1:28

So let's keep the big guy out of it , huh? <--(-.-)--{{{

-- Attack of the ByteMoll - Scripture Lesson 2

I don't know which version of the bible you are reading from (probably the Aryan Nation Standard Edition) but mine (the King James edition) Says: 1:28:" And God blessed them, Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

Now my dictionary (the American Heritage Dictionary) says this about dominion; "Control or the exercise of control; rule; sovereignty", and also that there are an order of angels called a "Domination. Nowhere does it say that we are allowed to become tyrants.

This is what we humans have become. Deranged tyrants. You take the words of the bible and pervert them for your own benefit. It does not tell us to subdue the animals, we are to subdue the earth. We are to rule over the animals. To be benevolent rulers. Nowhere in this does it even say that we are allowed to eat the animals. Genesis 1:29 even goes on to say: "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."

I cannot leave the "Big Guy" out of this. You are ignoring the instructions of "The Big Guy" because you think you are smarter than Him. You are interpreting the words of the Bible to suit your own petty desires and addictions and cruelty.

Your pride and arrogance has blinded you and will forever keep the incredible beauty of God's creation from entering your heart. You are too stubborn and selfish to change.

I'm sure this is hopeless, but here is one final Scripture lesson. Yes, the King James Version uses the word Dominion and my revised KJV uses the word Masters. Regardless, how in your wildest dreams do you translate that into "benevolent rulers"? Is that like "King of the Hamsters" or something? Maybe you should toss out the "Bleeding Heart Liberal - Standard Edition" you picked up at the last Streisand concert and listen up. The bible is full of hundreds of examples of the use of animals; from ritual sacrifice, to skins for clothing, and for food. Christ himself made Apostles of fishermen and fed fish to the multitudes. Scripture lesson over! And from one "deranged tyrant" to another, here is a definition for you. The Random House Dictionary describes "Tyranny" as "arbitrary or unrestrained use of power". Sound like any animal rights activists you know?

All hail the Hamster King!!!

Anonymous - Soul Searching
Don't u know when someone dies a takes their soul to the land of the dead. So stop killing the crows so peoples souls can go to the land of the dead to be at peace.
Sorry, but those remaining crows are just going to have to make a few extra trips to the underworld. Besides, it should help with their "frequent flyer" miles.
Retribution - Sacred Pests
I do hope you realize, be you Christians or not, that when you get to the next world, God will punish you for your wanton disregaurd and obvious pride of false supieriority over such a beautiful creature. And the fact that they are sacred to many , means you are destorying sacred things....blastphemy in the face of God. "Thou Shalt Not Kill." pretty straight forward. Easily understood. That goes for everything, not just people. Sleep well, and let the blood on your hands wash your sins away.
And as far as not hunting something that is "sacred to many", there is a temple in Deshnoke, India, where they consider the common rat sacred, and regularly care for and feed them. Maybe you would allow the sacred sewer variety to set up a condo in your basement, but we prefer to reach for the closest semi-auto, preferably feed by a high capacity clip. Straightforward enough?

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