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"The Canadian Snow Blind"
by Claude Albert Bergeron

Here is a blind that was conceived specifically to hunt crows in the snow and it is very efficient.

As you can see, it is a hexagonal structure made with 6 Coroplast panels. Coroplast is a corrugated plastic similar to cardboard and it is used extensively to make posters for electoral campaigns and has hundreds of other applications. It is commonly available from art stores and it sold in 4 x 8 feet panels for around $16 a sheet in 3 mm thickness (1/8 of an inch). Many stores sell it in full sheets as well as half sheet. You will need 1 1/2 sheet of 3 mm thick Coroplast for this project.

To fabricate the blind, simply cut 6 panels 48" tall, 22" across the base and 18" across the top . Cut 1 1/2" by 7" windows in the center of each panels 3" from the top. It is very important to cut the sheet in order that the corrugations in the plastic line up in with the long axis of the panels. If done otherwise, the blind will be fragile and will not last long.

To attach the panels, simply get heavy white shoelace, of the type used on ice skates. Get two packages of 48" laces. I use a paper punch to make five holes on either side of each panel and simply make knots between the panels. Cut the lace with a pair of scissors. I have also used white tie wraps but they often break when it is cold, shoelace knots are much better.

The total cost of material for a blind is around $30. It very easy to build and will take you no more than 1 1/2 hour to build one. It weighs very little and can be folded on itself, so it takes very little space and can be easily carried.

When we hunt, we bring an aluminum snow shovel and whenever possible, we dig holes large enough to bury the blind as deep as possible in the snow. To sit in the blind, we use 5 gallon plastic pails covered with a padded cover. Those covers are sold almost everywhere they sell hunting equipment for migratory birds. When you sit in the blind, the top of your head is about level with the top of the blind and you have 360 degree vision through the vision slits.

The crows come regularly to within 50 feet of the blind, they just do not see us until it is too late for them.

Snow blind - sunlight

Snow blind - shade

Snow blind - success

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